Develop fluency in music at any level – FREE!

21 May—17 Jul 2020 / Online


Date: 21 May—17 Jul 2020

Cost: free

Details: 10 til 10.20am




Run by: Charlotte Woodford

Contact details: 07828413484

Further information:

So much more than just learning to read music, you will develop fluency in the language of music, instinctively understanding modes and musical relationships. Amazing for your coordination, this will give you a full brain workout and a lot of fun. This approach builds improvising, listening AND reading skills: it is a truly holistic approach to music and I will be offering various levels of challenge so this has something to offer beginners and much more advanced musicians. You are welcome to give me feedback and let me know what level you are at.

Every weekday morning at 10am for 20 minutes. Mon, Wed, Fri for younger children, Tue, Thur for older children and adults. Come and give it a go!

Teaching by Lifebulb, a Theatr Hafren community initiative with funding from Arts Council Wales by the National Lottery.