Develop your Improvising, Composing, Reading, Technical Understanding of Music

12–30 May 2021 / Online


Date: 12–30 May 2021

Cost: £12



Run by: Charlotte Woodford

Contact details: 07828413484

Further information:

Are you interested in improving your musicianship/teaching/songwriting/technical/aural/reading etc skills and learning solfa? I’ve been running a small group session online since the summer and it’s been going really well – we’ve been able to target any gaps or areas which are less confident and to really celebrate progress. It’s a supportive space and a lovely journey – starting from the basis that music education is always a bit random and patchy, that everyone has different gaps and different strengths, and then building from there.

An NVN member has just asked if I’d run a new group – I’d be looking for another 3 people to make it run (4 total). It would be one hour a fortnight contact time, with a WhatsApp group to share the results of homework (not obligatory but definitely encouraged!) and keep inspired and in touch across the fortnight. The cost is £12 per fortnight. Please message me if you are interested.