Fantastic Singing Workshop

9 Nov 2019 / Greater London


Date: 9 Nov 2019

Cost: £35

Details: 10 till 3

Location: NW6



Run by: Charlotte Woodford

Contact details: 07828413484

Further information:

We will explore a range of beautiful, accessible songs from different eras and parts of the world, and recreate some of them in colour using paints and pastels.

No previous singing or painting experience necessary. There is a very friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere. All learning is by rote, so there is no sheet music involved. There will be the opportunity to explore some breathing and vocal technique although this is not the focus.

Price is inclusive of art materials and refreshments throughout the day. Bring lunch to share.

Come and share a relaxing, laughter-filled and inspiring day.

“Charlotte simply fizzes with energy and positivity. She is a highly skilled facilitator – giving people the confidence to stretch their comfort zone (and in some cases completely leave it!) And she does this in a quietly confident way that communicates her belief in your potential.” – Janice Crompton-Brough

“Charlotte is an expert in putting people at ease and providing a relaxed atmosphere for trying something new. She is an incredibly patient teacher with an infectious can-do approach brings enormous energy, personality and sensitivity to any group and I recommend her workshops wholeheartedly.” – Rachel Ellis

“I haven’t said enough about how wonderful and inspiring the whole experience was. Lovely people, lovely songs, and a real sense of bonding and achievement at the end. Thanks for being such a well-organised, positive and supportive teacher.” – Mike Green