Feel Confident In Your Expression II

3–24 May 2022 / Online


Date: 3–24 May 2022

Cost: $120AUD  and (approx). £62,  €72

Details: 3PM AEST / 6AM UK/ 7AM CET

Location: Online

Website: www.chrisjames.net

Email:  cjames@chrisjames.net

Run by: Chris James

Further information:

A programme of four weekly webinars focussing on and deepening expression in: Family, Relationships, Work, Life in General AND Expressing Online

Do You have difficulty expressing Your feelings?
Would You like to really be able to say how You feel?
Are you ready to overcome a Fear of public speaking?
Or do you simply want to Express More?

May 3rd 10th 17th 24th. 3PM AEST / 6AM UK/ 7AM CET
enquiries cjames@chrisjames.net
BOOK NOW https://chrisjames.as.me/confidentexpression2

From participants in the last course:
“Working with you for the last four weeks has freed me of a compression I have lived with all of this life and probably many lifetimes before. I came to realise that even when I felt that I was confident in certain situation’s I still held tension in my body which affected all of my movements. It was only through the joyful delicate way you held everyone as we worked through the four week course that I could open up to the greater expression that was always there just waiting to be accessed.
With deep appreciation of a magnificent master teacher”…Marilyn Lovell UK
“Chris James… is brilliant at helping people to simply find their voice. For decades he has been a leading light in the world of Sound and Expression, supporting people to express themselves in so many different ways. He has also pioneered the experience that everyone can, given the right opportunity and support, also sing in tune. Chris’s inimitable approach specialises in safe, supportive webinars and workshops where everyone can feel held to find their true, natural, and uniquely expressive voice.”