From Discord to Harmony singing workshop

12 Oct 2019 / Lancashire


Date: 12 Oct 2019

Cost: £25

Details: 10.00am - 4:15pm

Location: Accrington Library, St James' Street, Accrington BB5 1NQ



Run by: Carol Donaldson

Contact details: To book - ring Olwyn Pearce on 07891 471404

Further information:

You are warmly invited to experience a relaxing and uplifting day of endorphin boosting, stress busting, heart opening singing.

Using accessible songs, old and new, from all around the world, and 3/4 part harmonies, everyone from unsure beginners to seasoned singers, can create a wonderful group sound and experience together.

The day includes tea and homemade cakes 🙂

Carol Donaldson runs 3 big community choirs, 2 health & well-being choirs and ‘From Discord to Harmony’ singing workshops all around the UK. Her Christie Choir featured in Episodes 5 and 6 of this year’s ‘Cold Feet’, series 8, back in February.

 ‘Uplifting, empowering and utterly beautiful. And this is all down to Carol’s amazing teaching. I didn’t want it to stop MORE PLEASE.’