Getting the Group to Grasp it – quickly, easily and with confidence!

10 Jun 2017 / East Sussex


Date: 10 Jun 2017

Cost: £80

Details: 10.30am-4.30pm

Location: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, Rh18 5DS



Run by: Delia Rosenboom

Contact details: 01342 8250431

Further information:

Time-tested teaching tips for enhancing the group song-learning process.

A day workshop for singing-group leaders, addressing ways to:

  • Lessen the time it takes to learn a song.
  • Enable the group to learn tricky words and melodies quickly and easily – by ear.
  • Maintain positive group energy throughout the leaning process.
  • Keep the whole group fully engaged the whole time.
  • Simplify tricky rhythmical challenges.
  • Empower participants to replace old inhibitions and negative singing associations with confidence and joy.
  • Expand vocal range …and much more.

This workshop is aimed at those of us who run some form of singing group and has grown out of several decades of my feeling frustrated when attending singing workshops as a participant, and so often having ‘my stuff’ triggered off when the workshop leader teaches a song too quickly or moves onto a new part before I feel I have really grasped the previous part etc etc. So many times in the past I have left workshops feeling inadequate in being able to learn a song as well or as quickly as others, or feeling frustrated that I still had not quite ‘got’ the right words…and this has then coloured my overall ability to sing, join in fully and to believe that ‘I can do it’! I have also frequently heard from other participants that they have had similar experiences…so  whilst singing with others is so wonderfully nourishing and enriching, there can often be this double edge of ‘battling with ones stuff/ old inhibitions or associations from the past/ school etc’ running along side this enjoyment of singing.

And so, over the years of teaching singing groups myself, I have endeavoured to find ways of teaching that lessen the triggering of this baggage, and instead make the process of learning songs easier and less double-edged. I cannot guarantee that I have succeeded, however I have received enough positive feedback over the years to feel that I can now offer some of what I have learned to others…..and hence the birth of this workshop!

 If you are interested to attend this workshop, or would like to but can’t make the date, please get in contact.