Hot Hot Hot! Song Theatre inspired by Menopause

17 Mar 2018 / Hampshire


Date: 17 Mar 2018

Cost: £10 - £14

Details: 8pm

Location: Art House Cafe, Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DW



Run by: Fiona Funnell

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Further information:

A capella song theatre inspired by stories gathered from real women about their experiences of the peri and menopause, in all it’s glorious, tragic, hilarious and occasionally gory detail.

 Written by Fiona Funnell, and performed by Anna Carr, Fiona Funnell, Salma Feraji and Sandra Thibault.

Composer Fiona Funnell says,

“I recognised that I was approaching ‘The Change’ one afternoon in my late forties. I was overweight, anaemic, full of fear and fibroids, standing all alone in my garden crying. Where had the confident, fearless, creative me gone? In that moment, I decided to turn a really shitty experience into a creative one. I devised a questionnaire relating to my experiences and sent it out to lots of women friends, and composed songs from their replies.”

This is a developing project.

For tickets to the show, please visit www.eventbrite/ Hot Hot Hot

To complete the questionnaire, visit my website.