Hullabaloo Open Session

11 Jan 2021 / Online


Date: 11 Jan 2021

Cost: £5

Details: 18:45 - 20:30



Run by: Kirsty Martin

Further information:

Come and join Hullabaloo Quire for a drop-in session and find out what our funky, friendly (currently virtual) community choir is all about, and whether you’d like to join us for our spring term.

This term we’re embarking on a collaborative choral adventure with multi instrumentalist and composer Vyvienne Long (as featured on BBC Radio 6). If you don’t know Vyvienne’s music yet do check out A Glass Of Laughter – her gorgeous ode to lockdown life…and beyond!

Vyvienne and Hulla will be working towards a gig in May 2021. We’re very much hoping that this show will be IRL (In Real Life), but, have been making contingencies for all situations – for throughout the term and the show itself.

Our choir is open to EVERYONE who loves to sing from bathroom crooners to seasoned divas and, thanks to Zoom, you can join us wherever you are in the world. We also offer discounted membership to those experiencing financial difficulty. Please email us for more details.