Igniting Creative Fires – Singing and Writing workshop

23–26 Jun 2017 / Scotland


Date: 23–26 Jun 2017

Cost: £180 for 3 days

Details: 7pm Friday evening - 1pm Monday lunchtime

Location: Argyll, PA 318QL

Website: https://www.thesingingheart.com

Email: sue@thesingingheart.com

Run by: Suekali

Contact details: 01546 603883

Further information:

Drawing inspiration from the rich spiritual tradition of India and the wild and magical landscape and Celtic tradition of Scotland, we will follow the pathways of writing and singing to attune with Nature through the five elements; earth, water, fire, air, and space. Singing will include chants from India, harmony songs, nature-based chants and First Nature body and breath work.
The workshop takes place during the Solstice period of longest days and shortest nights. It is also the festival of “Ashada Amavasya”, the dark moon, a day dedicated to the deity of the 5 elements and for new beginnings.

Mary Angelon Young is a writer, teacher, and Baul sadhika on the spiritual path for thirty years in the lineage of Baul Keepa Lee Lozowick and his master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar. A former psychotherapist in the field of Jungian psychology, she has published eight books and regularly conducts workshops on writing, myth, and dream yoga.  See Mary Angelon’s website HERE.

Suekali is a passionate singing workshop leader enabling everyone to sing from the heart.  With over 40 years experience, she trained in western classical music, then Indian raga, and First Nature body and breath work. She offers a unique blend of east and west traditions, and in recent years is particularly inspired by singing connected with the stunning wild environment of her home in the heart of Argyll, Scotland. See the Singing Heart Website.