Lincolnshire Folk Song – 4 Part Harmony

2–23 Mar 2021 / Online


Date: 2–23 Mar 2021

Cost: £40 minimum donation

Details: 7pm for one hour plus weekly on Tuesday evenings for 4 weeks

Location: zoom



Run by: Jo Freya

Further information:

This is a zoom singing workshop singing certain Lincolnshire folk songs arranged by Jo in four parts. After warming up we’ll go through the parts together. After each session you are invited to send an MP3 of you singing one or more of the parts, and I’ll create a recording of us all singing together, so that next time we re-cap that song we are singing to the glorious sound of our ensemble and not just to me.

The songs are picked for their tunes or subject matter and come from a collection in a book that I happen to have sitting on my shelf. I enjoy arranging for voices, and as my background is in folk music, I like to share that tradition around from time to time.

The sessions are fun and informal, and participants are invited to engage in any way they like. MP3s of all the parts are also sent out in advance to help with the limitations of zoom and I can also provide notation.

Here is an example of a pre-Christmas ensemble I ran: