MDBrunch #Intensive

5–7 Mar 2021 / Online


Date: 5–7 Mar 2021

Cost: Light on the pocket and great package deals

Details: 10-12PM / 1-3PM / 3.30-5.30 / 7-9PM

Location: Zoom



Run by: Mel Field

Contact details: Mel Field - #Intensive Director - 07768397973

Further information:

A weekend of exceptional workshops led by an exciting team – ensuring all vocal  leaders and teachers continue their journeys by acquiring new skills and  exploring different approaches. 


#Intensive Evening sessions (7-9pm) are designed to include CHOIR MEMBERS



Fri 5th

10am-12pm – Rob Glass Day 1

How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm – Dr Amy Bebbington

Conducting; Using What You Didn’t realise You were Already Good At

3.30-5.30pm – Cyrilla Rowsell

Applying Kodaly Methodology to YOUR Rehearsals

7-9pm – Juliet Russell and Ingrid Abbott-MacKinnon (Choir Members & MDs Session)

Pop Vocal Stylings with head vocal coach on The Voice UK plus movement and body percussion

Sat 6th

10am-12pm – Rob Glass Day 2

How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm – Mandy Miller

Efficiency: Enhancing your gesture and rehearsal pedagogy the CME way

3.30-5.30pm – Chi Hoe Mak / Sandra Oberoi 

Spice: Magic and Mystique – an Asian vocal experience

7-9pm – John Fisher

GOSPEL NIGHT (Choir Members & MDs Session)

Sun 7th

10am-12pm – Rob Glass Day 3

How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm – Pete Churchill

Chord-Scale Vocal Workout

3.30-5.30pm – Dr Jenevora Williams and Stephen King

Introduction to Vocal Health First Aid

7-9pm – Pete Churchill (Choir Members & MDs Session)

Sing and Sound Cool with Pete