Natural Voice Leader Training 2021 – Modular

16 Jul—9 Aug 2021 / Avon


Date: 16 Jul—9 Aug 2021

Cost: £750

Details: 16-19 July and 6-9 August, Friday afternoon 4pm to Monday afternoon 3.30pm

Location: Bristol



Run by: Sarah Harman and Frankie Armstrong

Contact details: Sarah - 01874 713184 or Frankie - 029 2048 0429

Further information:

Frankie Armstrong and Sarah Harman lead this training. They are joined by visiting tutor Darien Pritchard.  Frankie has run the Natural Voice Leaders’ Training since 1988, initially with Darien Pritchard, and, in recent years, with Sarah Harman. (See biographies of Sarah and Darien, below)

The course offers a unique opportunity to attend an intensive training focusing on the melodic natural voice and using it with groups. It is designed for people who already run voice workshops or singing groups, those who wish to, or those who want to incorporate voice into their existing work. Sarah and Frankie model the importance of finding dynamic relaxation, using imagination and humour, and remembering that laughter is one of the best things for the body and voice.

The training contains a number of threads:

Your own voice

  • working on and making the most of your own voice

Preparation for using the voice

  • daily body/voice preparation sessions, focusing on aspects of body release and energising that relate directly to vocal expression
  • individual and group activities that aid voice development
  • the appropriate stepping stones to help others make the most of their voices

Leading voice groups

  • the process of working with groups
  • structuring and pacing workshops
  • teaching practice – leading vocal exercises, teaching songs (with supportive feedback)
  • dealing with difficult situations/individuals
  • creating and setting up improvisations

Applying this approach

  • contexts in which this approach can be applied
  • starting and sustaining choirs and other groups

Bodywork is an integral part of the training course. In addition to the daily physical preparation, visiting movement specialist Darien Pritchard helps participants understand the anatomy around breathing. He also uses his expertise as a Feldenkrais teacher to help participants maximise vocal release and physical support for the voice.

Participants receive a course handbook, containing comprehensive notes on the exercises, and practical information on freelance working as a voice leader. They also receive a CD with exercises for the body, the breath and the voice, and ways of exploring vocal technique.

The course is taught in two formats. In 2021, people can either attend an intensive, week-long residential training In Oxfordshire, or two modular long weekends in Bristol. The modular training is non-residential and takes place from 16 to 19 July and 6 to 9 August 2021. Please note participants must attend both modules.

Even if you have attended a workshop with Frankie or Sarah before, we would like to have a chat with you prior to booking to ensure that this is the right course for you and to make a personal connection.   Please phone Frankie (+44) 029 2048 0429 or Sarah on (+44) 1874 713 184.