Nottingham Voice Collective: Autumn Harmony Workshops For All

26 Oct 2019 / Nottinghamshire


Date: 26 Oct 2019

Cost: £20 or £35 for 2 people

Details: 1-4pm

Location: The College Street Centre, College Street, Nottingham, NG1 5AQ



Run by: Abi Moore

Contact details: 07786 548337

Further information:

Come and join the lovely Nottingham Voice Collective of folks who sing in the shower, the car, the pub karaoke night, in a band, in choirs, on stages and in their dreams! All abilities welcome – you’ll be surprised at the end results and how much fun you’ll have!

You’ll be led, taught and motivated by singer/songwriter Abi Moore who’ll have you achieving more than you thought possible! If you’re not sure what acapella harmony singing involves… it just means we make all the harmonies, rhythms and chords with our voices singing different parts with no instruments or backing tracks, in the natural voice style. It’ll be big, funky, warm, fun, uplifting and you’ll get goosebumps at the sound of your own voice blending with everyone else’s! You’ll also come away with a video of what you’ve done too (but you can opt out of being recorded, don’t worry!)

As long as you’re over 16 and you like singing, we want you there!

Autumn workshops:

  • Sat Oct 26th
  • Sat Nov 23rd

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