Online Vocal Technique for Singing Leaders: November (mornings)

2–23 Nov 2021 / Online


Date: 2–23 Nov 2021

Cost: £60

Details: 10am - 11.30am



Run by: Ailsa Nicholson

Contact details: Mobile 07904376432

Further information:

Ailsa Nicholson’s Singing 101 course for singing leaders is for anyone who works with singers: Choir leaders, teachers of singing in educational settings and singing groups.
The four week course will give participants an opportunity to learn how sound is produced, what singers do to create particular voice qualities/timbres, how to impart technique to your singers to ensure a great sound, solid pitching, efficient breath management, “blend,” healthy voice use – all whilst giving your singers confidence and joy in their singing.

We will cover:-

  • Where we feel our singing – techniques for singers to feel how they use breathing and vocalising to create particular sounds;
  • Warm-ups and why we do them: the best, scientifically proven exercises to train voices;
  • Getting the sound we want v’s how singing should feel (and what to do if singers feel discomfort/unsure of their voice);
  • Using efficient breathing techniques to make singing easier;
  • Tuning: why this can be tricky and quick tuning fixes;
  • Tools to help leaders change the sound/timbre;
  • Developing and maintaining good vocal health;
  • Helping your singers gain confidence in their singing;
  • Troubleshooting difficulties your singers have in particular songs.
The course fee of £60 includes four 1.5 hour online Zoom sessions, PDF handouts and email support.
How to book:
Book online – link coming soon or send an email to for payment details/to secure your place.
Terms and conditions:
Payment in full must be made before the course starts to secure your place. No refunds given
If you’re unsure if this course is suitable for you please get in touch –
“I loved all aspects of the course, I enjoyed learning to connect with my body…I think you have such a warmth and take away my fear and insecurities of performing because you gently point out ways to improve or overcome musical obstacles. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the training and finally singing on my own in front of the small group.” – Tina, course participant.