Voice and Yoga workshop

15 Nov 2020 / Online


Date: 15 Nov 2020

Details: 9am

Location: Online

Website: http://tomovewithvoice.wixsite.com/london/online


Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

🗣✨ Would you like to combine vocal techniques, specific yoga poses, breath-work, and guided meditation to invoke creativity and free the body from habitual tensions to discover more authentic and spontaneous vocal expression?


The workshop will last for two hours.

Mental and emotional issues are channelled into physical tightness that affects the quality of the voice.
When voice moves through a body that has been opened and relaxed through yoga,
the sound is more free, flexible and fully connected emotionally.


Really enjoyed the class, exactly what I need to further explore my vocal ability and to stay in
tune with my body. I will be returning.” – Sinead

🌸 To Move with Voice project, created in 2015, integrates specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques and aims to support anyone who would like to develop their voice and ability to sing, speak and communicate with greater authenticity.