Preparing the Body to Support the Voice

1–22 Feb 2021 / Online


Date: 1–22 Feb 2021

Cost: £40 (cost is open to negotiation if you are experiencing financial hardship)

Details: 10.30 – 12.00

Location: Zoom



Run by: Frankie Armstrong

Contact details: 07788 966 0505

Further information:

Feldenkrais for Voice with Darien Pritchard

Take some time out to reconnect with your body in a way that will free up and support your voice. These sessions amalgamate the Feldenkrais approach to the body with the style of voice-work developed by Frankie Armstrong.

Each session focuses extensively on one area of your body, combining appropriate release and engagement. There will be floor, seated and standing ‘exercises’.

Each session has two aspects:

  • Working extensively with your own body;
  • Simple, quick embodiment ‘exercises’ to use with groups

The session themes are:

  1. The head – face, jaw, throat & tongue (vocal ease and flexibility)
  2. Breathing – softening trunk & ribs (the lung ‘container’); enhancing 3D breathing
  3. Shoulders and upper trunk (letting breath through, letting the body resonate)
  4. Lower body – hips, legs & the psoas/core muscles (support from the ground up)

The course takes place online on Monday mornings in February 2021, with a maximum of 11 people.

For further information and booking, contact Darien – 07788 966 0505 or

Please contact Darien before joining the class to find out if there are places,  and to let him know if you have any physical conditions that he needs to be aware of.

Darien Pritchard: Since training in the Feldenkrais Method® in the 1980s, Darien has run regular Feldenkrais flexibility classes, alongside his career as a massage and anatomy trainer. In the mid 80s, he also began co-leading voice courses with Frankie Armstrong and helped her establish the Voice Leader Trainings that led to the setting up of the Natural Voice Network. In this context, he has focused on simple, effective ways of relaxing and engaging the body in preparation for giving voice.