Raise the Roof Community Choir

25 Feb—25 Mar 2021 / Online


Date: 25 Feb—25 Mar 2021

Cost: £10

Details: 18:45 - 20:30

Website: https://www.raisetheroofchoir.org/

Email: info@raisetheroofchoir.org

Run by: Kirsty Martin

Further information:

Weekly online singing sessions. Drop-ins tickets are available throughout the term.

We’re currently working on our audio/video project SkySongs, in rehearsal for our multi-media SkySong gig in July!

Our theme this term is Flight – kites, banners, birds, gods and goddesses, stars and clouds…the sky’s the limit. Our choral director Kirsty Martin has collaborated with author and fellow singer Juliet Desailly to write us our very own special song-story piece, inspired by the Horniman Museum’s kite collection and world mythology. There is also a Raise the Roof Flight Medley.