Reclaim Your Voice

7 Mar—9 May 2022 / Gloucestershire


Date: 7 Mar—9 May 2022

Cost: £240 (£10 early booking discount available if booked before Feb10)

Details: 1:30 - 3:30pm

Location: St.Bride's Hall, Cainscross Rd., Stroud



Run by: Michael Deason-Barrow

Contact details: 01666890460

Further information:

This course offers you exciting new and confidence-building methods to transform all the barriers to singing that exclude people from the singing world.

Above all, it will transform the blocks of a life-time into a new found confidence in your singing skills which is sure to open a door for you into a richer experience of music making.

So if you only dare to sing in the bath, or feel you could sing – but were once told you couldn’t – then the expert tuition of Michael Deason-Barrow – who is regarded as one of the leading authorities on this subject – will CHANGE ALL THAT!

What you will find is any lack of vocal confidence will be transformed into a lifelong love of singing!