Sacred Voicework for Women

11–18 Dec 2017 / Sweden


Date: 11–18 Dec 2017

Cost: 250 SEK

Details: 6:30 - 9pm

Location: Mudita Yoga, Baskemölla, Skåne



Run by: Laura Geiger

Contact details: +46 70 063 7007

Further information:

Conscious Voicework is an expressive, experimental path for women to use our voices to confront and heal the personal experience of dissociation from our own truth, as well as the silencing and shame that we have collectively inherited.

Using the voice in an embodied and conscious practice opens doorways of self-inquiry through which one’s own shadow and light present themselves. Voicework simultaneously lays bare the places inside that need love and nourishes those places with the very love they seek.

Welcoming the voice into the body and coaxing out its fullest, most free expression teaches us to trust our emotions, thoughts, and instincts as valid. Through specific voice practices, we stop making ourselves palatable and allow ourselves to be heard, in power and in truth.

With the presence of our grandmothers who came before us, our helpers in Spirit, and the other women in community, exploring our voices goes beyond an artistic and psychological endeavor and becomes a sacred act, one that ends the inherited trauma of our ancestors and sets free the generations who come after us.

Join me in a weekly exploration of how we can use our voices (sung, shouted, chanted, and free) to experience radical self-acceptance, communicating our truth, and connecting beyond the small self.

Absolutely no singing experience or skill required. Desire and willingness are more than enough.

Fall session is twelve weeks, October 2 – December 18
Season pass: 2100:- (save 30%)
Nine-session pass: 1800:- (save 20%)
Drop-in rate: 250:-
Swish available for pass purchase to 070 063 7007.
Drop-in is cash only.

Sessions are conducted in English.