Sing Away in Portugal

19–26 Apr 2017 / Portugal


Date: 19–26 Apr 2017

Details: Residential

Location: Monte Rosa, Barao sao Joao, Lagos



Run by: Teresa Verney

Further information:

A fabulous week of singing your heart out in the beautiful setting of Monte Rosa in the Algarve. The flowers will be out in their carpets and the sun will be shining brightly!  We sing in a Round House which has amazing qualities due to its special construction and to being on some very strong energy lines.

We sing in the mornings and in the early evenings, leaving lots of free time to do nothing or explore the region and then have delicious meals in the evenings – and a wee drink of the local wine if that takes your fancy.

Everything taught by ear, so you can enjoy it even if you have don’t read music.