Sing the Song – Weekend Intensive with Sian Croose and Brendan Taaffe

18–19 Mar 2017 / Norfolk


Date: 18–19 Mar 2017

Cost: £145/£115 bursary rate

Details: 10.30am – 5.00pm

Location: The Chapel, 60 Park Lane, Norwich

Website: www.voice


Run by: Sian Croose

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Sing the song from start to finish. A weekend of uplifting song and workshop training for vocal leaders and experienced singers – with Brendan Taaffe and Sian Croose.

For enquiries and to book email Janet Koralambe at

Sian Croose is a singer, conductor and more recently, composer, with over 25 years experience creating and directing music projects in the UK, and internationally. She has run community choir Big Sky for 20 years, working with a range of composers to create new music for the group and is co-director of The Voice Project with Jonathan Baker, developing large scale, site-responsive performances that bring together community choirs and professional performers in innovative pieces of choral theatre.

Brendan Taaffe is an acclaimed composer and song leader from Brattleboro, Vermont. Brendan’s compositions have been performed by choirs throughout the world and are featured on numerous recordings. As a popular song leader throughout the US and the UK, Brendan is the director of The Bright Wings Chorus, the founder of Turtle Dove Harmony Camps, and a frequent teacher with Village Harmony. He performs the jubilee gospel quartet The Waxwing Four and fronts his band The New Line. In his spare time, he is also a writer and a visual artist.

This weekend is an an opportunity for vocal leaders, those wishing to start leading singing, and experienced singers who would like to stretch themselves, to spend an intensive and uplifting weekend exploring a great range of vocal music from the UK and US.

Sian and Brendan are both very experienced choir leaders and expert in taking choirs through the rehearsal and performance process . We will be singing some wonderful music by a wide range of composers from the USA and UK and will look at the whole process – ideas for warm-ups and finding the initial group sound, as well at how we can deliver, rehearse and polish new material in a community choir setting and how that process in itself can enable us and our choirs to improve our vocal sound.