Singing as Resistance: For Girls

30 Dec 2017 / Canada


Date: 30 Dec 2017

Cost: 60 CAD

Details: 3-6pm

Location: 371 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario



Run by: Laura Geiger

Contact details: +46 70 063 7007

Further information:

We grow up in a culture that promotes a polishing of self, an eradication of imperfection, a compliance with rules and standards, and narrow parameters of acceptable behavior. Women learn this as they begin their transition into adulthood. That which is wild in a girl is considered dangerous in a woman. The inner voice splits from the outer voice, and we lose precious parts of ourselves to silence.

This workshop is an experiment in using embodied voicework and singing to address and prevent this gap between what women feel and what women say, to learn to take up physical and acoustic space as the fullest expression of who we are.

We use singing (simple but meaningful songs, improvisation, range exploration, rhythm, volume) complemented by movement (yoga, body intelligence, character play) to practise embodied presence through vocal expression and help prevent the tendency to diminish the self over time. Girls learn tools to express their boundaries, power, vulnerability, and truth as they navigate their entry into womanhood.

For girls between the ages of  12 and 15. Contact me if you have special circumstances.

Absolutely no singing experience or expertise required.
Maximum 10 girls

About course leader:
Laura Geiger is a sacred voiceworker specializing in using the voice as a tool for radical self-acceptance, communicating truth, and connecting beyond the small self. She has academic degrees in both sociology and health promotion, training in spiritual counseling and eco art therapy, as well as experience in art education, social work, and theatre and vocal performance.

Past praise:
“The ‘unsing’ for girls was powerful for my daughter. She felt a sisterhood with other girls that is deeply missing in many social circles. It was nurturing and powerful.” -Nelia DeAmaral

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