Singing for Joy Morocco October 2021

9–16 Oct 2021 / Morocco


Date: 9–16 Oct 2021

Cost: £590 plus flights

Location: Maison Anglaise Ecolodge



Run by: Celia Webb

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Something truly amazing to look forward to! Come dive into the vivid colours and sunlight of the most delightful ‘home from home’ in North Africa. An easy flight and transfer and you will find yourself relaxing in an astonishing and innovative ‘eco-lodge’ or complex, with it’s own gardens and pool, nestled next to the iconic city walls of Taroudant.  Singing every day, exploring, enjoying an exceptional menu of local healthy food and unrivalled introduction and access to an enigmatic culture and exotic natural environment courtesy of the extraordinary staff of La Maison Anglaise.  See details of accomm and all costs and facilities here:

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There are many opportunities to sing for and with local people on this holiday, so our songs will be partly tailored to these cultural visits. Harmoniously thanking our hosts is always a great pleasure. Early mornings on the stunning roof terrace will always incorporate a contemplative song or chant, some may choose to stretch or sleep-in! Then after a day of sampling and exploring local delights, we will dive deep into the joys of evening harmony singing sessions with a selection of gorgeous material, and the occasional foray into creating our own. There’s plenty of time for a little dancing, massage, swimming, magic carpet-flying, reading and getting lost-on-purpose..
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