Singing from the Heart

7 Jan 2018 / Derbyshire


Date: 7 Jan 2018

Cost: £50 for 5 afternoons or £15 for individual afternoons

Details: 2-5pm

Location: Bamford Quaker centre



Run by: Trisha Morgan

Further information:

Do you enjoy singing and want to free up and expand your relationship to your voice?
This new playful group will run over 5 months beginning September 2017 and is for anyone interested in deepening their relationship to singing. It will be a small group, to develop relationships and singing confidence.

We will:

* Learn some new songs in a supportive and accessible way – all songs taught by ear.
* Reach new levels of singing confidence and explore our vocal range
* Play with our voice as a means of self-expression and communication.
* Use breath, sound and song to develop the meeting of mind, body and sprit.
* Develop mindful awareness of our relationship to our voice.

– Saturday 9 Sept 2017 in Sheffield
– Sunday 8 October at Bamford Quaker centre
– Sunday 5 November at Bamford Quaker centre
– Sunday 10 December at Bamford Quaker centre
– Sunday 7 January 2018 at Bamford Quaker centre

To book contact Trisha Morgan –
If you would like to share/ offer a lift out to Bamford then I’ll put you in touch with others in the group.