Singing in Nature in the Peak District

2–4 Jun 2017 / Derbyshire


Date: 2–4 Jun 2017

Cost: £100 - £165

Location: Bamford



Run by: Trisha Morgan

Further information:

With Trisha Morgan in the heart of the Peak District at the Quaker Community, Bamford.

This is a relaxed Quaker retreat weekend which is part of the 2017 retreat programme. The weekend includes food and accommodation, some elements of reflection, worship and community life, as well as having ample space to sing.

Listening to the call of birdsong….
Smelling the damp earth after rain…..
Feeling at peace with yourself and the world…..

These experiences of stillness and connection are magical. Singing is a very accessible way to connect to that special world. For this retreat we learn by ear and all singers are welcome, especially people new to singing.
Starting indoors we learn a few easy songs that we can take out into nature, songs which can be sung all together and sometimes in harmony. We will practise some simple exercises to connect with the senses and then take that awareness out into the countryside where we will find secluded places to sing and enjoy our surroundings.

For further information and to book, visit or contact Anna on 01433 650 085.