Singing Triglav – Slovenia’s highest mountain

23–28 Aug 2021 / Slovenia


Date: 23–28 Aug 2021

Cost: £95 - plus all expenses (accommodation, transport, meals.)

Details: Starts 19:00 on August 23 finishes 10:00 on August 28

Location: Triglav national park, Slovenia



Run by: David Burbidge

Contact details: 07531206081

Further information:

This week will go ahead if restrictions are lifted – I am only charging for my time (£95 for the week) – the rest you pay as you go. We can’t book the mountain huts until they open in late June anyway, and I recommend travelling as I do by train – you can buy a reasonably priced Interrail ticket fairly near to the date of departure (as long as there are places on the Eurostar train from London to Paris.) It is the same price if you buy it 6 months or 6 days before departure. I will make all the bookings for accommodation so we can be together.

The one thing that is very important is that you have some hill walking or mountain experience – ie that you are fit and are not terrified of heights as the last section is along an exposed ridge for a total of 4 hours there and back. You will be safe because you will be clipped onto wire rope (via ferrata) but if you become terrified you will freeze and become immobile! We can hire via ferrata helmet and climbing harness for you in Slovenia.

We will have our first night in a country farm house near Bled – comfortable rooms and good food and singing. Then we will walk up from Bohinj up Triglav – stopping in two mountain lodges on the way up, and one on the way down. Most of it is a lovely walk through the wild alpine flowers – the very last part is a scramble made safe by the metal railing you will be clipped onto (a via ferrata.) Our songs will be about mountains and walking and will include the Slovenian anthem Triglav moj dom, and the mountain song Planinska (“Come brothers and sisters, let’s go to the mountains where we can be without worries.”) Recordings of the parts, scores, and help via Zoom with word pronunciation is provided. Our last night will be in the country farm house where we first stayed.

Flights with Easyjet via Gatwick and Ljubljana (or Easyjet from Stanstead, Wizzair from Luton, to Ljubljana – or train via Eurostar, and then via Munich and Saltzburg to Ljubljana. Or – Ryanair to Trieste or Venice and then train.

Meals in the mountain lodges and in cafes. Transport by bus.

Cost: £95 (my fee) plus all expenses (eg accommodation and meals – pay as you go – c.£300.)

Requirements – must be fit, have good boots, no fear of heights, love singing, ready to put disciplined practice in at home or join us in Kendal and Lake District for practice, good health (no heart complaints), hillwaking experience etc.

We start on August 24 evening with a meal and some singing practice. August 25 bus to Bohinj then walk up the mountain to first hostel. August 26 more uphill on good paths to Kredarica hostel – with afternoon climb to the summit – August 27 down to a lower hostel for the night. August 28 walk through the stunningly beautiful valley of the seven lakes to our last mountain hut. August 29 back down to Bohinj and bus back to the country farm house where we first stayed – with either the night train back to the Munich and the UK, or staying on in Slovenia for more independent travelling.

Songs sent in advance with words and recordings – as well as invitations to join Slovenian song learning workshops in Cumbria. Lift shares and travel information can be provided (eg trains via London, Paris, Stuttgart and Ljubljana.) Limited numbers so book soon if you can to avoid being disappointed.

Group will be led by David Burbidge who as well as completing mountain leader and via ferrata training, has been a member of the Natural Voice Network for over 25 years – a founder member. His long term relationship with Slovenia has been accompanied by his work with the town twinning between Sedbergh (in Cumbria where he lives) and Zrece (in Slovenia near Celje.) He has organised over 50 exchanges of choirs between the two countries and speaks passable Slovenian.