Singing Women’s Lives – residential gathering of song and ceremony at The Song House, Donegal

15–18 Sep 2022 / Republic of Ireland


Date: 15–18 Sep 2022

Cost: E340-E440

Details: 5pm on 15th to 11am on 18th September

Location: The Song House, Donegal, Ireland



Run by: Joanie Bones

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Exploring our experiences of womanhood through song, ceremony and sharing our stories

Join singing leader and space-holder Joanie Bones for a deep, immersive, nourishing gathering of song and ceremony for women, held in the wild and beautiful soul space of the Song House, Donegal.

Joanie will be sharing songs from her project THE SHAME // THE LIGHT and other women’s songs, and holding space so that together we can give voice to our experiences. On three successive days we will co-create ceremonies marking and honouring some of the major way marks on our life paths as women.

Expect some tears and much belly laughter as we finally get to put aside generations of separation and come together to share our depths and light with each other.

Please read here for a statement about language and inclusivity regarding the term ‘women’.