Skilful Song Leadership Training

11–12 Oct 2019 / East Sussex


Date: 11–12 Oct 2019

Cost: £220 (£200 if booked by 20th Sept)

Details: Friday 9.45am - 4pm, Saturday 10am -approx. 5pm

Location: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS



Run by: Delia Rosenboom

Contact details: 01342 825031

Further information:

A two-day, intensive training for singing-group-leader wannabees, newbees and ‘old-handers’ alike.
Led by Delia Rosenboom NVN, ATI, experienced singing workshop leader & Alexander Technique teacher.

(Why not combine a singing group training/ CPD input, with a short Autumn break amid the beautiful Ashdown Forest and surrounding area of outstanding beauty?)

Whether new to running singing groups, looking for guidance and support, or an ‘old-hander’ looking for new ideas and inspiration, this is the workshop for you! Two intensive, practical days packed full of time-tested tips, tools and teaching skills to equip you to effectively run happy, successful singing workshops and choirs.

Material will include:

The Hows, Whys and Whats of Vocal Warm-ups:

Exploring using warm-ups:

  • To organise the ‘furniture’ of the jaw, soft palate and throat…
  • To loosen the body…
  • To help the group feel confident and at ease…
  • To increase resonance or enhance pitching…
  • To prepare for differing song styles (Gospel/ African/ Taize…)
  • To help to pre-learn potentially tricky elements of songs…..
    And more…

Song Teaching Tools:

Exploring ways of:

  • Keeping the whole group engaged the whole time
  • Teaching challenging words or rhythms quickly and easily
  • Using rhythm as the foundation of a song
  • Experiencing cross rhythms in the body, to make sense of a song (2/3, 4/5, 7/8 rhythms…)
  • Pacing (teaching slower to learn faster!), repetition and hand signing
  • Ensuring the group feel that they ‘can do it’ / ‘get it’ easily, without effort
  • Playful distractions to deal with inhibitions and ‘old stuff’ around singing
    And more…

This material has grown out of 25 years’ experience of running choirs and singing groups and is underpinned by decades of both teaching the Alexander Technique and working with Ta Ke Ti Na – a body-centred rhythm method. Material will be taught through discussion, practical demonstrations, experiential work, application of material to songs bought by participants; observation and feedback… A certificate of attendance will be offered upon completion of this training workshop, as proof of CPD.

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS
(Forest Row is a ‘holistically-orientated’ village 34 miles south of London, amid the beautiful Ashdown Forest, complete with stunning countryside walks, biodynamic farms and quirky cafes! It is 2 miles from East Grinstead train station and 20 mins drive from M23.)

To book a place please use the online booking system at: (scroll down to find workshop), or alternatively send a cheque to D. Rosenboom, 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS.

Cost includes all refreshments and lunches on Friday and Saturday . Accommodation not included.
Local accommodation from £25 per night– ask for a list of local B&B’s.

Things to bring with you:

Please bring three short, simple songs that you know well, that you could be prepared to teach as part of the workshop:

  • A short song with foreign words or tricky words – that you may consider ‘a bit of a mouthful’!
  • A short song with a strong rhythm that may be experienced as rhythmically unusual or tricky eg an African or eastern European song
  • A short song that contains a challenging interval or some harmonic clashes, or an unpredictable harmony – something with a challenging element in it!