8–10 Jul 2022 / Wales - Mid-Wales


Date: 8–10 Jul 2022

Cost: £260 - £280

Details: 4pm 8/7/22 until 3.30pm 10/7/22

Location: Hill Cottage Retreat, Rhos-y-meirch, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1PD



Run by: Pauline Down

Contact details: 07952 752823

Further information:

This singing and nature retreat is for anybody who needs to take some time out to nourish body, heart and soul. It may be of particular interest to Natural Voice Practitioners.

During the weekend we will be connecting with our surroundings, exploring ways to do some spontaneous embodied singing together, finding resonance and freedom in our voices both indoors and outdoors.

It is deeply satisfying and refreshing to sing intuitively in response to other voices and in response to nature. Improvising vocally with others requires respectful attention as well as spontaneity that when practiced together can bring a profound feeling of joy.

‘an enriching retreat that you led us through so skillfully. It felt both deep and nourishing, and also light and playful……’

The food was delicious and hosts were very warm and friendly’

‘joy, freedom and relaxation, and learning to listen more deeply……’

‘the weekend was one of feeling such a sense of connection with the humans,  the land,  and our voices,  in such harmony, truly food for the (my) soul’