25–27 Sep 2020 / Wales - Mid-Wales


Date: 25–27 Sep 2020

Cost: £260 - £280

Details: 4.30pm Friday - 3.30pm Sunday

Location: Hill Cottage Retreat Centre Rhos-y-meirch, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1PD



Run by: Pauline Down

Contact details: 07952 752823

Further information:

A nourishing retreat for body and soul
Connecting with our surroundings
Spontaneous embodied singing
Resonance and freedom

We will explore ways of using the voice more freely, enjoying resonance in our bodies and in relation to others and the space around us. We will draw inspiration from the beautiful indoor and outdoor environment and find ways of connecting vocally to our surroundings.

All of this can help to build confidence as well as release energy and enable relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Pauline will also offer a range of enabling musical structures and prompts for creating and developing collaborative ‘songs in the moment’.

It is deeply satisfying and refreshing to sing intuitively in response to other voices and in response to nature.

Improvising vocally with others requires respectful attention as well as spontaneity that practiced together can bring a profound feeling of joy.

This is an opportunity to come and play with your voice, perhaps be inspired to create your own compositions and to find the bliss of simply being and sounding fully in the moment in connection with others.

‘Just wanted to express my appreciation once again for such an enriching retreat that you led us through so skillfully. It felt both deep and nourishing, and also light and playful……’

‘The food was delicious and hosts were very warm and friendly’

‘joy, freedom and relaxation, and learning to listen more deeply……’

NB It is possible that this event may need to be postponed until 2021 due to covid-19 restrictions. On the other hand, it is possible that it may be viable with a smaller number of people than usual. In this case, numbers would be restricted to a maximum of 8 participants plus me because, with 9 people altogether, we would each be able to have a single room and our own bathroom and we would be able to stand with at least 2 metres distance between us in a well ventilated indoor singing space. We would do as much singing as possible outdoors in the beautiful grounds.