Sound Space mediation

23 Jan 2019 / Dorset


Date: 23 Jan 2019

Cost: £12, or £10 concessions

Location: Poole and Dorchester



Run by: Christian Jane Foster

Contact details: 07840 976584

Further information:

Welcome to Sound Space Meditation in Poole and Dorchester. Check out Sound Space Facebook page events for details.

You will be guided in deep breathing, with beautiful hand pan music to drift off and relax as we work with the different elements of the earth.

You will experience the amazing chakra tubes that clean the energy points of the body, and each session we will work with different chakras to unblock any thoughts or energy in that area.

Sound journeys using gongs, tubes, rain sticks, drone flutes, hand pans to really take you off in another world.

Finally I will be singing and chanting as the sound wave soothes and relaxes your souls, as you make a special time for you.

Please wear loose and warm clothing and bring blankets, mats and pillows.

Each month will be a different theme and energy. You are welcome at any time.

Contact Chrissy to book your place – 07840 976584 or email