Sound Space Relaxation

24 Feb—24 Mar 2021 / Online


Date: 24 Feb—24 Mar 2021

Cost: £5

Details: 3-4pm



Run by: Christian Jane Foster

Contact details: 07840976584

Further information:

Come and join me for a blissful soundscape of flutes, handspans, harps and gongs, to relax and de-stress, and look after your mental health.
You will be guided to go into the body to relax totally with my voice the healing vibration of sound. You will also be guided into a soul journey where your imagination will be set free, and using these stories to help, you will release behaviours and thought-patterns no longer needed in your life. Travel to waterfalls, mountains or forest, or just enjoy the music; you just need a blanket and a quiet space.
The next soundspace will be on Wed 24th Feb, and they will be running every 2 weeks. They will be recorded so I can email you the whole session. Please get in touch for the link.
Cost – £5 through PayPal   or contact me for bank transfer.
This is one of my songs I wrote called “Dance to the Sunlight” with the handpan, to give you an idea of the soothing sounds it creates.