South West Community Choirs Convention, Bristol

1 Mar 2020 / Avon


Date: 1 Mar 2020

Details: 12.30 - 9.30pm

Location: St George's, Great George Street,, Bristol, BS1 5RR



Run by: Nickomo, Wendy Sergeant and Ali Orbaum

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If you live in the South West and run a community choir, maybe you’d like to come and sing and perform with and to a bunch of other like-minded people?

In the afternoon, about 500 of us learn and sing some short songs with 4 teachers – Nickomo Clarke, Ali Orbaum, Dee Jarlett, Wendy Sergeant – to make things easy, and in the evening the different choirs perform to each other songs from their own repertoires.

The venue is the lovely St George’s, Great George St, Bristol, BS1 5RR.