Swedish Vocal Folk Music in Harmony – Weekend course online

24–25 Apr 2021 / Online


Date: 24–25 Apr 2021

Cost: £70, €80, 800kr

Details: 24/4 14:00-18:00 (Swedish time) 25/4 10:30-13:30 (Swedish time)

Website: https://www.kajsanorrby.se/events/kr-fr-en-kvll-soul-of-singing-workshop-lngrdna-p3bkb-jt696

Email: info@kajsanorrby.se

Run by: Kajsa Norrby

Contact details: Registration : https://www.kajsanorrby.se/book

Further information:

Sing and learn about Swedish vocal folk music together with Marie Länne Persson and Kajsa Norrby, two great folk singers and teachers live, through on zoom.

This course is suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in the song, history and repertoire of Swedish / Nordic folk singing. We welcome everyone, no experience is needed, singers, amateurs, song teachers, choir leaders, singer song finders and songsharers from all over the world. The course will be held in English and Swedish.

The aim of the course is for you to gain knowledge of this tradition and style of singing, the history and the innovation and above all that you will be able to take songs and techniques away that you can then use in your own voice work whether you are a professional or an enthusiastic amateur.

Examples of genres and styles that may be included in the course are: Trallar, folk songs, working songs, ballads, hymns, polskor, kulning-cow call.

Everything will be taught by ear in the oral tradition, so you do not need to be able to read music.

The course will be held via zoom and is interactive. Everyone will be able to see each other but when we sing participants’ microphones will need to be muted due to the sound delay. We will talk between the songs and you will be able to write comments using the chat function throughout the session.

The course will also be recorded and shared as study material for the participants, if you want to return to some material later. We will work with different songs in each session so that you get a broad repertoire of material.

24/4 14:00-18:00 (Swedish time) with a break 15:30-16:30
25/4 10:30-13:30 (Swedish time) with a break 11:30-12:00

Course fee :
800 kr
£70 or 80 Euro

BOOK your place and ask questions:
Payment: paypal.me/kajsanorrby

FACILITATORS: Marie Länne Persson and Kajsa Norrby. Two inspiring and knowledgeable singers and educators who together carry with them a large and broad song treasure and knowledge. The are not always thinking the same but they share the love, commitment and respect for the music and the oral tradition and are passionate about exploring it and passing it on.

Kajsa Norrby:
A singer, songwriter and choir leader from Sweden. Her musical background is classical singing, world music and theatre.My attitude to singing is, among other things: “be curious, experiment, learn as much as you can from others but then do as you please, nothing IS right or wrong, good or bad. The nature of the oral tradition is that it is oral and so songs change over time as they are passed on from person to person. I believe The biggest respect we can show our ancestors and different cultures is LOVE.” I love singing, I love to get people to sing together, its magic! I’m a Natural Voice practitioner and also founder and artistic director of Långrådna Culture Centre “Singing is your birthright, it creates energy and community, connection and harmony. I lead by oral tradition á cappella and welcome everyone to raise their voice. “I focus a lot on the presence of the body and breath in singing and use exercises from theatre, improvisation and singing technique in a creative playful mix.
said about Kajsa:
“I love Kajsa’s precise playfulness”
“Kajsa conveys great love, joy and respect to the music and the people, which creates a strong sense of belonging”
“Great ambition and knowledge without prestige, very enthusiastic, committed and supportive choir leader”

Marie Länne Person:
Singer and folk musician, choir leader, author, educator, composer, arranger, theater musician, etc.I call myself a “ballad singer”, not only because the medieval ballad – which can be both a song, a fairy tale and a party trick – is my specialty, but also because it contains both song, games, dance, storytelling and is a way to be together. Much like my professional life.I want to invite you all to sing with our voices, to chant our lives in need and desire! The human voice is an adventure to explore and play with. It can be used to get work, walks, games and dances to swing. It can carry a story with just the colors and ornaments you want. It can signal, inform, warn and collect. It can calm, sleep or please. For all occasions we can find a song, a melody shared in confidence from mouth to mouth for many, many years.
That’s folk sång! I take the folk song with me as a soloist and together with friends in groups such as. Sågskära , Bessman, LännePersson & Siljat & Tellurium.I carry it on in the choir Tradidá in Linköping and Kisa, in the ballad dance with Slaka Balladforum, in my teaching at Lunnevads Folkhögskola’s folk music course and in independent courses.
I have written 3 books on the subject: Romani folkets visor (with Ralf Novak Rosengren 2012), Källan i Slaka, a book about Swedish folk music (2014) and Kaller var deras skog – ballad and the story (2016).

/Kajsa Norrby
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