Taize & Sacred Songs Workshop Leadership Training

27 Apr 2019 / East Sussex


Date: 27 Apr 2019

Cost: £95

Details: 11am - 5pm

Location: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS

Website: http://www.deliarosenboom.co.uk/accapella-singing/one-off-workshops

Email: delia@naturalvoice.net

Run by: Delia Rosenboom

Contact details: 01342 825031

Further information:

A unique one-day opportunity to come and explore tried and tested ways of running Taizé chant and sacred songs workshops.

I have been running Taizé, Gregorian chant and sacred song workshops for over 20 years, and feel passionately about these magical songs and the healing effect that they create when sung as a group.  I also feel that teaching these beautiful and heart-opening songs requires a slightly different skill and approach to teaching other material of a more upbeat nature (African/ Gospels etc.) and so I invite you to join me for this experiential workshop, which will equip you to run your own Taizé groups. I would love to pass on some of my ideas about how to teach and share these songs easily and effectively with singing groups.

We will address warm-ups, song-teaching tools, breath and more.

  • I will introduce you to ways of building an atmosphere and group-energy conducive to learning and singing these unique and special sacred songs.
  • We will explore how to prepare the group for singing, using  warm-up material conducive to creating an ‘energetic backdrop’ appropriate to these songs.
  • We will address methods of teaching Taizé songs so that the group can easily and effortlessly learn both words in Latin… and multiple harmonies, without being ‘pulled out’ into heady anxieties about ‘getting it right’ or ‘having to pick up the material quickly’…
  • We will address pacing, atmosphere – importance of candlelight, and how to ‘build a workshop’ from start to end, with examples of appropriate material for this.
  • There will also be opportunities for participants to teach and receive feedback when desired.

Bookings and further information:

To secure a place please use the online booking system at:
Alternatively please send a cheque to the address above (D. Rosenboom), or ask for BACS details..

Call Delia on 01342 825031