The Living Instrument – 3 Week Vocal Techniques Course with Susie Ro Prater

5–19 Feb 2020 / Somerset


Date: 5–19 Feb 2020

Cost: £60-£120 sliding scale

Details: 7.15 - 9.15pm

Location: Frome - venue details on booking



Run by: Susie Ro Prater

Further information:


Wednesday 5th, 12th & 19th February 2020 

This course is for anyone looking to explore and develop their voice; from those at the beginning of their voice journey to those wishing to add to their understanding and enhance their technique.

Susie will guide you through the layers of your vocal instrument, sharing what she has uncovered through the years of becoming best friends with her own voice. The sessions will be a series of exercises and solid techniques to support you to open, strengthen, understand and develop an intimate relationship with your unique, miracle of a voice.

The course will include:

  • Deepening/opening the breath
  • Techniques to strengthen and support your voice
  • Understanding your different voices
  • Singing from your core
  • Mapping your range
  • Unblocking fears and tensions in the voice
  • Your spiritual connection with your voice
  • Relaxing into singing with power.

There will be homework exercises given to practice in between each session in preparation for the following class.

This course is one evening a week for three consecutive weeks and will be a closed group. There will be limited spaces to allow for individual attention, so early booking is essential. ​​

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