The Stories and Mysteries of the Intervals

13–14 Aug 2022 / Gloucestershire


Date: 13–14 Aug 2022

Cost: £105 Concessions available

Details: 10am - 6pm

Location: The Field Centre, nr Nailsworth, GLOS



Run by: Michael Deason-Barrow

Contact details: 01666890460

Further information:

Journey into the mysteries of intervals, and discover the inner life that lies within each interval, and how each has something completely unique to say.

(N.B. An interval is all about the relationship and conversation that takes place between the notes of both melodies and harmonies, and is akin to different colours or characters in a play.)

This workshop is a great chance for you to experience, understand and go deeper into the secrets of music’s foundations.  It is sure to open up for you a deeper awareness of the whole realm of melody and the meaning, character, mood and movement of each interval.

You’ll find the workshop has huge relevance in the spheres of the environmental questions of our time, music education, music therapy, composition and the history of changes in human consciousness culminating in a focus on the music of our time.

For more details see the website pdf.