The Wild Voice at Kalikalos Holistic Holidays

8–15 Jun 2018 / Greece


Date: 8–15 Jun 2018

Cost: 450 euros including full board accommodation

Location: Kalikalos - Pelion Peninsula



Run by: Valerie Stagg

Contact details: 01736361146

Further information:

A relaxing and energising retreat for voice, body and soul in the lush landscape of the Pelion Peninsula. We will focus on becoming more aware of our bodies and the natural flow of breath and sounds within. By exploring the connections between voice, body and soul we are enabled to express what is found there. A creative combination of vocal techniques, movement and bodywork encourages participants to experiment by releasing the power of their natural voices in a safe, supportive environment.

Each day will begin gently, with plenty of time to tune in to our bodies, breath and voices: resting, rolling, stretching, shaking, bending, walking, dancing…… groaning, moaning, sighing, squealing……… whatever is needed to get ourselves into the flow where we can fully embody the voice in the moment. Attention will be given to listening to ourselves, each other and the stillness between the sounds. We will play with sound and rhythm games and create group soundscapes that can be meditative or playful. Practices which help to heal blocks in voice, emotions and body will be taught; one session being dedicated to the Voicing the Soul process which uses the Chakra system with individual affirmations. Sound meditations, toning and overtoning add to the exploration of the healing voice.

Each session will end in group singing, with an emphasis on chants which honour Mother Earth.

No singing experience is necessary for this voice workshop.

Benefits include:

  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • relaxation of muscles
  • better breathing
  • enhanced creative expression
  • bringing balance to body, mind and spirit

Some feedback from last year’s Wild Voice participants:

  • “…very holistic experience, and voice & sounds as healing tool were something fundamentally new for me.”
  • “I learned a lot about myself.”
  • “During the workshop we participants went beyond our limits, just to realise there isn’t any!”
  • “I never thought I’d end up performing and letting rip the way I did.”
  • “I loved sharing our tones and songs with the rest of the community.”
  • “Val, your love for the voices shines through you and oozes out of every pore! It was a privilege to be there and share the fun and bliss of creating wild voices, the improvisations and singing in circle.”
  • “Anilio was just a perfect and wild enough place for this workshop.”

In the afternoons there will be time for the beach and relaxing in nature. Other opportunities for vocalising and for one-to-one healing sessions will be available.