Three Days in May

27–31 May 2022 / West Sussex


Date: 27–31 May 2022

Cost: £250-£295

Details: Residential

Location: Manor Buildings, Park Lane, Ashington, Nr Pulborough RH20 3AW



Run by: Roger Jackson

Further information:

Three days of singing in the W. Sussex Downs, sleeping under starlit skies, with evening cocktails, fabulous food and great company.

The singing is mostly Americana / Bluegrass. Bluegrass has strict rules about vocal parts and it provides a very good way in to learning how harmonies work and how to make your own – as well as providing a good basis for creatively breaking those rules!

The idea is to learn informally, by ear rather than reading music, but mostly to have fun singing together in harmony.

It’s open to all, whether you are in a band, a singer – songwriter, or just curious and enthusiastic about singing.

We aim to create a safe, encouraging and empowering environment for everyone to stretch their capabilities as they make new friends and share the joy and balm of music.