Tonalis Choral Summer School: New Horizons in Choral Singing

21–22 Jul 2018 / Gloucestershire


Date: 21–22 Jul 2018

Cost: £80 - £95, concessions and group booking discounts available2

Details: Saturday 10:30 - 6:30, Sunday 10 - 5

Location: The Field Centre GL6 0QE



Run by: Michael Deason-Barrow

Contact details: 01666890460

Further information:

This cutting-edge workshop offers you the chance to explore all the new possibilities available to choirs today.

So come and try out the following:

  • Choral architecture: Voices in movement: sounds in space
  •  Bring the creativity of improvisation into choral singing
  •  Expand the borders of choral singing
  •  Extended voices – choir singing outside the box