Tunnel Circle Singing

17 Jul 2022 / Greater London


Date: 17 Jul 2022

Cost: £10

Details: 2pm

Website: https://circlesinginglondon.wixsite.com/project/tunnelsession


Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

Come and immerse yourself in sound…


  *   Meeting point: Shoreditch High Street station

from there we will walk for max. 10 minutes

 *    £10

 *    Bring with you: a bottle of water, some extra clothes (it might get cold), there are trains running but it should not bother us that much

* end: at around 3.30 pm

✨ Let’s light up the space with our voices while enjoying the wonders of sound effects and acoustics in the tunnel.

BOOKING AND MORE DETAILS: https://circlesinginglondon.wixsite.com/project/tunnelsession