Vocal Health & Freedom

17 Nov—15 Dec 2020 / Online


Date: 17 Nov—15 Dec 2020

Cost: £40

Details: 10am - 11am

Location: Online

Website: https://www.paulinedown.com

Email: paulinedown7@gmail.com

Run by: Pauline Down

Further information:

Keep your voice healthy & fit whilst developing your knowledge about how the voice works.

Explore the full body experience that supports your singing.

And discover the joy that accompanies sounding freely!

This is for anybody who loves to sing, anybody who would like to find out how to strengthen and care for their voice and anybody who would love to use their voice more spontaneously, less self-consciously and with more soul connection.            

It could also be useful for actors and others who use their speaking voices in public and would like to learn more about effortless projection and resonance.                                                                                                                                                 

Online sessions offer an ideal opportunity to fully explore your vocals and to practice freely sounding & singing out in the privacy of your own home!

Tuesday mornings: 17th November – 15th December

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.