Vocal Play Shop for Choir Leaders

11 Jan—22 Nov 2021 / Online


Date: 11 Jan—22 Nov 2021

Cost: US$395 for 10 months (20 classes)

Details: 20-21:30 hrs UK time (12-1:30 pacific time US) 2nd and 4th Monday of the month

Location: via Zoom

Website: https://www.singportland.com/choir-business-coaching/

Email: marion@singportland.com

Run by: Marion Van Namen

Further information:

A fun ten-month course for choir leaders!

You’ll learn (to):

  • Build on all the musical chops you already have. This course is designed for you.
  • Feel empowered by zoom, rather than limited
  • trust: sing freely within a structure
  • surrender: have the guts to sing your heart out even though you don’t know what’s gonna come out of your mouth
  • acceptance: love every single note that comes out: the good, the bad and the ugly, and you’ll have a good time with them all
  • develop your own language
  • come up with rhythms and body percussion
  • mimic instruments
  • solo
  • create the building blocks of improv
  • make up your own exercises. The field of improv is endless.
  • have loads, we mean loads of fun!!!
  • guide your own singers in all these exercises to improve their playfulness and spontaneity in song.
  • exchange ideas with the friends you make in this class. The learning won’t stop after 2021.
  • Total cost is $395. 10 month commitment is required. That’s only $40/month for two 90 minute sessions a month. Payment plans (4x$100) available.

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Or e-mail marion@singportland.com for questions or more details.