Voice and Yoga session

8 Jul 2018 / Greater London


Date: 8 Jul 2018

Cost: £18

Details: 3.15 - 5.15pm

Location: Yoga Base, 257 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LX

Website: http://tomovewithvoice.wixsite.com/london/sessions

Email: ToMoveWithVoice@gmail.com

Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

Would you like to explore your unique voice through movement?

To Move with Voice project, formed in 2015, aims to discover our vocal potential through movement and stillness. Each session gives us an opportunity to integrate specific yoga positions with contemporary vocal techniques. We transfer this new found vocal power and resonance into a healthy voice that has greater vocal flexibility and is fully supported by the whole body.

What to expect?

Each session will start with relaxation, – to rest your mind, breath and body; follow up with muscles, breath and voice warm-ups. The main part of every session is a sequence of specially designed postures that are accompanied by unique guidelines that support your breathing, sounding and voice exploration. By the end of each session you will have a specific outcome in the form of a personalized practice.

No previous experience is necessary. We all have the ability to adopt this approach!

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