Voicing and Embodying Archetypes of Myths and Legends

28 Jul—4 Aug 2018 / USA


Date: 28 Jul—4 Aug 2018

Cost: $975 ($950 for VASTA Members) (A deposit of $200 will hold your place in the workshop.) The balance will be due by July 1, 2018.

Location: East Sandwich Grange Hall, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Website: http://www.janetrodgers.com/workshops/

Email: JanetRodgers@Verizon.net

Run by: Frankie Armstrong

Further information:

This one week workshop with Frankie Armstrong, Darien Pritchard  and Janet Rogers is for teachers, performers, actors, singers, dancers, and is dedicated to exploring archetypes from myths and legends of many diverse cultures; ie. Trickster, Benevolent Leader, Devil, Mother, Child, Love, Huntress, Noble Warrior, Prophetess, Creator and Destroyer.

Participants will sing, dance, chant, drone, yodel and give voice to vocal ornamentation and made-up languages in preparation for journeys into the archetypes.  In addition there will be a strong focus on aspects of body release and energy that relate directly to each archetypal journey.  Building on all of these discoveries, we will then apply the work to dramatic or comedic texts, poetry, song or whatever one’s own creative outlet may be.

Each workshop day will be divided into two-three hour sessions with a short break for lunch and discussion. A communal meal will begin and end the week.  Time will be allotted for discussions of teaching the work. The one week workshop provides the first step in certification in the work.

Cost: $975.00. ($950.00 for VASTA Members) The balance will be due by 1 July.

Housing for the week: $400-$550, depending on single or shared accommodations. This will be due by 1 June.

For more information, contact JanetRodgers@Verizon.net, workshop coordinator.