Vox Pop Choir Radio – August

14 Aug—11 Sep 2020 / Online


Date: 14 Aug—11 Sep 2020

Cost: FREE

Website: https://www.hullabalooquire.org/vox-pop/

Email: info@hullabalooquire.org

Run by: Kirsty Martin

Further information:

This month the wonderful Dr Stephen Clift, Director of the Sidney de Haan institute for research in arts and health, joined me on Vox Pop Choir Radio. During the show, we discussed the challenges that the COVID_19 crisis has presented for community choirs and Stephen’s work to document the experiences of singing communities during this time.
The show also features harmonic treats from The London Bulgarian Choir, Wovoka Gentle and Le Choeur Voyageur among others.
Listen anytime, anywhere herehttps://www.hullabalooquire.org/vox-pop/

The September issue of Vox Pop Choir Radio will premiere on Saturday, September 12th at 11 am on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM. A listen again link will be available online so you’ll be able to listen to the show wherever you are in the world, at whatever time works for you.

If you’re involved in a choir or singing project in Brighton, UK or surrounding areas, please send a short audio message to info@hullabalooquire.org so that I can mention you on the show.