We are Music! Circular Music with Stefano Baroni in London

21–22 Mar 2020 / Greater London


Date: 21–22 Mar 2020

Cost: £60 1-day. £110 2-days

Details: 1pm- 6pm

Location: Archway Methodist Church, 6 Archway Rd, Archway, London N19 3TD

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/613839806108877/

Email: grozenthuler@gmail.com

Run by: Guillermo Rozenthuler

Contact details: 07973770943

Further information:

Every gesture, every movement, every sound can be a doorway for creating and organizing music. Clapping, stomping, singing, listening, interacting, integrating movement and music, not just dancing over a rhythm but creating rhythms in movement, building relationships and exploring cultures through it.

This workshop will be focused upon the use of Body Music (body percussion and voice) as a tool to create structured music or music ‘in the moment’ and to develop collaborative musical activities that can be used in many situations, from education to community/team building or music therapy.

Day 1: Circular music games: using body percussion, voice and movement to create interactions and nurture relationships.

Day 2: Let’s Create Music: using body music and voice to develop coordination, a stronger sense of rhythm, to create collective grooves and sing songs over them.

To book, email grozenthuler@gmail.com