Women’s Sound Circle- Greeting our Sound Selves

26 Aug 2020 / Online


Date: 26 Aug 2020

Cost: £22

Details: 19:30

Website: http://www.intuneition.co.uk

Email: lucy@intuneition.co.uk

Run by: Lucy Pekr

Further information:

This circle is a safe space for women to come together and explore our sound connections and nurture our wellbeing.

This relaxing evening will involve:

  • Live Musical Meditations/Immersions to relax and connect deeply with our sound world.
  • Rhythmic Bodywork – Activations to explore our connection with our internal rhythms.
  • Breathwork – Our power source! Making friends with our breath through observation and active breathwork.
  • Vocal Toning – Our body-voice. Channelling our inner world through our voice to release and let it be heard. Shifting blockages and honouring ourselves.
  • A safe and non-judgemental space to share – There will be an opportunity to share any feelings and experiences during meditation or throughout the session.
  • Mantra – Mantra used as individuals is very powerful, group mantra is an incredible force, bringing a light to the shadow and making new riverbeds within ourselves.
  • Vibrational Awareness – Developing awareness of our resonant bodies and observing the vibration of the sound world.

You will receive the Zoom link automatically upon booking through my website. I can’t wait to share this with you all!