Working Songs from the Tradition – in Harmony

7–28 Jun 2021 / Online


Date: 7–28 Jun 2021

Cost: £40 minimum donation

Details: 7pm for one hour minimum once a week on Monday evenings . 4 sessions in total



Run by: Jo Freya

Contact details: 07900215419

Further information:

This is a course in four weekly sessions where we take a song per week and learn the parts.

The harmonies of each song are either in 3 or 4 parts, arranged by myself, and we go through them all aurally. I also provide MP3’s of the parts, and notation for those who want them.

So often folk songs were sanitised by the collectors who wanted glorious imagery of happy plough boys and milk maids. We all know that for many life was not like that. We’ll look at 4 songs from the folk repertoire exploring different historical working environments. Don’t worry it won’t be all gloom and doom either – we always have a lot of laughter!

Once we have gone through the songs, you are invited to send MP3’s of any or all of the parts you wish to sing, and I’ll create a mix of all our voices. You’ll get a copy of this, and we sing to it the following week.