Your Story through Vocal Improvisation: workshop

16 Oct 2016 / Greater London


Date: 16 Oct 2016

Cost: £28

Details: 1 - 7pm

Location: East London



Run by: Michaela Bartoskova

Further information:

Join us for a one-day workshop that will culminate in our vocal improvisation performance.

In this group workshop we focus on listening, voicing, sounding and creating. We will work with the elements of improvised singing including melody, harmony, vocal percussion, text and pulse in an atmosphere of safety and support.

Would you like to find the roots of your own musicality?

Through vocal improvisation each person connects with their own music, as well as the experience of listening and improvising with others. We come to understand non-verbal singing as a language. Each participant brings their own story that will stimulate the group to create unique songs. Each of us will be an integral part of the process.