World of Voices – Sing and learn folk and world music – WOV#1

11 Apr 2021


Date: 11 Apr 2021

Cost: There's a sliding scale of cost to make it available to all. €10 - €30

Details: 16:00 Swedish time UTC+2 (15:00 British time)



Run by: Kajsa Norrby and Frankie Armstrong

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We cannot all speak at once but we CAN SING at once” (from the film Thina Simunye)

World of Voices – Folk & World Music
Online festival with a different singing workshop every month.
Travel and learn about the world through song.
On Zoom with great song leaders from around the world.
Hosted by Kajsa Norrby (Långrådna – Sweden)

Guest song leaders 11/4 are:
Frankie Armstrong (UK – Wales)
Kefas Berlin (Järna – Sweden )


This is a “World Music Voice Camp” online with different workshops every month.
I invite amazing guest voice leaders from different countries, cultures & traditions for every workshop. The workshops will be a way to travel and learn about our world and get to sing fabulous songs, together with really inspiring teachers.

By extension, World of Voices will, as soon as it is possible to have festivals again, become a voice and song camp at “Långrådna Kultur”, a culture centre on the east coast of Sweden. A voice camp with world music and community singing.
What if people who meet for the first time in person then have songs, harmonies and melodies as a common language. Wouldn’t it be incredibly beautiful! Imagine when we can all meet and burst out into song together! Imagine all the tears and laughter, when you realise that you were never alone in your home in front of your screen. You were building bonds with people you did not know through singing.
Let this workshop series online create unity and love , connections and curiosity for folk & world music, traditions and cultures and each other. Let us travel through song and “Sing the world” together! We have to do what we can now, otherwise we will not be able to do what we dream of in the future. Lets start now!


11th April  is the first workshop in this project. I´m so exited to invite two of the most inspiring and amazing voice leaders I know. They will be joining me from Cardiff and Stockholm.
I will host the session from Långrådna Kultur in Sweden.
All songs are taught by ear – Everyone is welcome – No Experience of singing is needed.


Kajsa is a singer, songwriter and choir leader from Sweden. Her musical background is classical singing, world music and theatre.
She is also the founder and artistic director of “Långrådna Kultur”, a cultural centre for singing, voice and world music in Sweden since 2017.
Kajsa is a natural voice practitioner, and in her work she strives to bring back song to people’s everyday lives. World of Voices is one of many projects she is organising and leading from her culture centre in Långrådna, Sweden.

The legendary British folk singer, now in her 80´s, an amazing women!
Frankie has been singing professionally since 1964. In 1975 she began her pioneering voice workshops based on ethnic styles of singing – where singing is as natural as speaking. She has sung and run workshops all over Europe, N America and Australia working with community groups, theatre companies, international voice and theatre festivals, and in every kind of setting from hospitals to the National Theatre Studio London. She has made 10 solo albums, written her autobiography As Far As the Eye Can Sing, and edited a collection of essays Well Tuned Women with Jenny Pearson. Her latest book is with Janet Rodgers, Acting and Singing with Archetypes. She has also contributed chapters to 11 other publications.
In 2017 she was made President of the Natural Voice Network and in 2018 was awarded the Gold Badge from the English Folk Dance and Song Society for outstanding contributions to the field of folk music.
For more information see;

“Kefas is constantly traveling in the world of voice, singing, body and movement – exploring the sources, expressions and its healing properties. He believes that singing is an innate, but often repressed, right and that free” open “singing is healing in nature and harmonizing, generates peace, unity and understanding and is a constant source of energy and joy.”

Kefas was born in Stockholm in 1962 and since 1982  he has been working pedagogically, artistically and therapeutically with children, young people and adults with singing, playing, dance and physical theatre.
For more than 25 years he has regularly given workshops in singing and voice work, vocal improvisation, play and physical theatre in Sweden and abroad (Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Norway, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, India, China) and he is also an appreciated choir and workshop leader at international conferences.
As well as workshops, he leads several local community choirs and gives private sessions at his  reception in Mölnbo that range from singing lessons and voice coaching to therapeutic voice work . He also gives sound healing sessions – in groups and privately.
Since 1998 he has also worked as an actor, singer and teacher at Theatre Slava in Stockholm. 

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Sliding scale cost €10 – €30 / 100kr – 300kr (SWISH to 0739-881399 if you are in Sweden)
! Please type in your name and
‘WOV 1’ when paying !
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Please book as early as possible, that helps a lot with the organising
Latest time for booking is 11/4 at 10:00!